Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty

Vertebroplasty Treatment for Back Conditions in San Antonio

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The Need for Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty Treatments

Vertebroplasty and/or Kyphoplasty are outpatient procedures for stabilizing compression fractures in the spine. Bone cement is injected into the vertebrae or backbone that have been broken or cracked often due to osteoporosis. This cement hardens and in turn, supports the patient’s spine.

Vertebroplasty can alleviate pain, increase mobility, and reduce the use or need for pain medications for people suffering from severe pain. Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty are similar, though the latter involves a special balloon in which the bone cement is filled, while the former can correct a deformed spinal column and restore lost height.

Back Treatments from Our Pain Doctors

Trust our doctors to help you get the right treatment for your spine or back condition. We offer various procedures to keep any type of pain at bay, all the while giving patients an overview of the chronic pain they are suffering from and the treatments available to them.

How Back Pain Affects Your Life

No one wants to suffer from excruciating pain, especially if that pain occurs in your backbone. Our spinal column is responsible for our body’s posture and movement. As we age, our bones become more brittle and become vulnerable to vertebrate issues such as osteoporosis, dorsopathy (spinal disease), scoliosis, and lordosis. Scoliosis, however, affects people as young as ten years old and are caused by family history, tumors, and Marfan syndrome.

Getting Help

Our Tricity Pain Associates ® doctors and specialists can help you out through our Vertebroplasty or Kyphoplasty treatment. Talk to one of our doctors and we will start examining your current condition and determine the right chronic pain surgery or treatment to get you started. Don’t let another pain stop you from enjoying life. Drop by our office to start your pain-free life.

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