Piriformis Injection

San Antonio Piriformis Treatment Injection for Leg Pain

Living with chronic pain doesn’t only affect the individual but his or her loved ones as well. Such a condition prevents someone to do his or her activities and it can affect his or her performance at work or school.

Getting help is the first step to live a pain-free life. And we are more than happy to help at Tricity Pain Associates ® . We have groin pain treatment in San Antonio Texas, spinal column stimulators, sacroiliac joint injection, and more guaranteed to keep the pain at bay.

An Introduction to Piriformis Block

Piriformis Block is a common cause of buttock and posterior leg pain. Pain in these areas can begin spontaneously or after an injury. The symptoms are commonly seen in patients with other inflammatory conditions and in patients who sit for most of their work day.

A Cure for Chronic Pain at Tricity Pain Associates ®  

We have a San Antonio back pain management physician to guide you to the piriformis injection session, so there’s nothing to worry about. Our goal is very simple: help patients live a pain-free life and reclaim their ability to do their favorite activities without chronic pain sneaking up on them.

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