Physician Assistants

Ying Frappolli


Ying graduated from Beijing Medical University and completed her residency in China. Soon after, she came to the United States as a visiting scholar at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. She was heavily involved in the Human Genome project for 6 years. After exploring different interests and opportunities in America -insurance and finance, marketing, IT – she found herself most passionate about her first profession, medicine.

Ying came to New York City and graduated from the Physician Assistant program at Touro College in Manhattan in 2008. After extensive training, she practiced in neurosurgery and pain management at Neuroscience Associates of New York for 4 years while also working part-time in a Family Medicine practice in Brooklyn. After she married a Jersey guy, they moved to Pennsylvania in 2012.

In Philadelphia, she worked at Cancer Treatment Center of America in pain management to treat malignant pain at the end of patients’ lives. Then she joined Performance Spine and Sports Physicians PC, where she sharpened and expanded her interventional pain management skills for 3 years. She has deep knowledge and experience in treating neck pain, low back pain, joint pain, and other chronic pain due to neuropathic and/or inflammatory processes. Before moving to Austin to be closer to her family, she worked at Laser Spine Institute until the enterprise closed the practice.

Ying loves the outdoors, hiking, gardening, and Neapolitan pizza. A former collegiate volleyball player, Ying now prefers tennis and golf. She emphasizes quality of life for herself and for her patients. Her ultimate goal is to help her patients to be able to live life to the fullest. For Ying, Tricity Pain Associates feels like home.