Katie Royal

Director of Personal Injury

Katie Royal brings more than 20 years of experience in healthcare, legal expertise, and
customer service, to her role as Director of Personal Injury. Starting her career in
healthcare in the California Sierra Mountains. With a move to Texas in 2009, she pursued
a career in oncology, working for St. David’s Medical Centers, and Houston Methodist
Hospital Cancer Registry. After working in the cancer registry for years, Katie decided to
take on a different role and pursued a career working in Pain Management. Katie has
worked with attorneys, and patients throughout the state of Texas. She has a strong
desire to help people and is passionate about healthcare. Katie’s greatest strengths are
her determination, drive, and her essential ability to connect with others. Katie is focused
on improving the customer experience from the referring physicians, to the patients. She
also is driven to build strong relationships. Katie attended Santa Barbara City College
obtaining her degree in Cancer Information Management, and California State University
Chico for her Bachelors Degree in Heath Administration. Katie has four daughters, and
has been married for the past 10 years. In her spare time Katie and her husband enjoy
spending time with their daughters, grilling, going to the beach, and watching movies.