RSD/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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What is Regional Pain Syndrome – Everything You Need to Know About the Condition

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS) is a disorder of the legs or arms that involves swelling, pain, limited limb movements, and changes to bones and skin. Also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), this condition has an unknown cause that may occur after an injury to the area in question such as a fracture or from post-surgery. There’s also a theory that inflammation and alteration of pain perception in the central nervous system play important roles.

The treatment involves multiple approaches such as medications, physical and occupational therapy, psychological treatments, and neuromodulation.

How Pain Affects Us

Chronic pain in San Antonio is rampant and thousands of adults and the elderly are suffering from different types of pain. Some individuals can’t get the help that they need due to misdiagnosed conditions. They just brush the pain off thinking it’s just an ordinary sprain or minor injury but there’s actually a more severe illness hiding in plain sight.

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