Foot/Hand/Ankle pain

Lower Body Pain in San Antonio – Treatment for Your Foot, Hand, and Ankle

Injury to any of the bones, ligaments, and tendons in the foot and ankle can cause a lot of pain. A simple cause of ankle pain is a sprain, which occurs when the ankle joint is subjected to forceful twisting or bending and is typically associated with overstretching and/or tearing the ligaments. Chronic ankle pain is often associated with inflammation and damage to the surrounding tissue that could develop into conditions such as bursitis or arthritis. Ankle injections may help to alleviate the symptoms.

The specialists and physicians at Tri City Pain Associates – Interventional Pain Management are focused on helping patients get the best relief for their pain conditions. Back pain is one of the most common conditions our patients suffer from that disrupts their capability to tackle certain tasks and activities. Let our reliable pain management in San Antonio help you get the right treatment or surgery for your pain. We also cater to individuals suffering from other illnesses such as pelvic pain, injury from motor/vehicular accidents, and migraines.

Keep Pain at Bay with Tri City Pain Associates – Interventional Pain Management

Our doctors at Interventional Pain Management are here to help you manage pain that you are feeling in your ankle, hand or foot. We have San Antonio chronic body pain experts who focus on various conditions. Rest assured that you are in good hands the minute you walk into our office at these locations Stone Oak,San Antonio Medical Center, New Braunfels, Southwest Briggs, Northeast SA, Corpus Christi, Carrollton, Seguin, and Austin.