Neck Pain/Cervical Disc Herniation

Understanding Chronic Pain with Pain Management in San Antonio

The majority of headaches have no underlying significant pathology; it is important, however, to seek the care of a physician or pain specialists, in order to rule out severe cause prior to the commencement of treatment. Headaches can be classified as cluster, tension, and migraine headaches, while secondary types may be associated with pre-existing pathology which may be benign or malignant in origin.

What is Cervical Disc Herniation?

A cervical disc herniation is a condition referring to pain in your upper neck or back. It affects us as we age and sometimes has no symptoms and just occurs out of nowhere. In order to know what causes such condition, you need to understand a little bit about your spinal column and disc.

Know Your Spinal Column

Your spinal cord is made up of bones called the vertebrae. It offers protection for your spinal cord and connects from your brain to the bottom of your spine. Discs, on the other hand, are cushions or shock absorbers for regular activities such as jumping, running, walking, and other strenuous activities that put a wear-and-tear on your body.

Getting the Right Help – Seek a Pain Specialist

Our body is more vulnerable to chronic conditions as we age. Find a trusted physician for pain treatment at Tricity Pain Associates ® to provide you the right cure for your pain woes. More than thousands of individuals in San Antonio alone are plagued by chronic pain and here at Tricity Pain Associates ® we make sure that we’ll provide the necessary treatments for your herniation condition.

Our Pain Center Offers Medical Treatments for Other Types of Pain Conditions

Not all chronic pains are created equal and some of them can render a person unable to do his or her activities. There are also causes that are major concerns and should be taken to a pain physician such as failed back surgery and injuries caused by vehicle accidents. Regardless of the kind of pain, our doctors are here to help.

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