Hip Pain/Sciatica/Leg Pain

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Helping our patients get through the pain is our specialty here at Tricity Pain Associates ®. We offer headache management in San Antonio and we have doctors who tend to patients suffering from lower back pain, issuing necessary procedures for RSD and herniated disc conditions.

Hip and leg pain affects many people and is more prominent as we age. The hip joint is a large weight-bearing joint that supports your upper body, allowing the body to walk, run, and sit. Although the hip is a robust structure, there are occasions when it can be damaged such as vehicular and sports accidents. The elderly are susceptible to debilitating hip injuries, however, one of the other main causes of chronic hip pain may be linked to arthritis. For more information about chronic pain conditions in San Antonio, visit us at these locations Stone Oak, San Antonio Medical Center, New Braunfels, Southwest Briggs, Northeast SA, Corpus Christi, Carrollton, Seguin, and Austin.