Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Treatment at Tri City Pain Associates – Interventional Pain Management

Also known as a slipped disc, herniated disc is a common cause of back pain. In some instances, the condition might be present but the person does not feel discomfort. Over time, changes can lead to feelings of numbness, weakness, or pain.

The doctors at Tri-City Pain Associates – Interventional Pain Management are here to help patients suffering from this condition, along with other types of chronic pain from migraines to groin pain. Check our suggested treatment for low back pain in San Antonio; our website also has the information that you need to know in regards to different kinds of chronic pain conditions, their symptoms, and the actions that the patient and doctor need to take should the pain is felt by the former.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

Individual bones called vertebrae are stacked up to create your spine. There are discs between each of the vertebrae. These discs are actually like rubbery cushions between each of the stacked bones.

When one of these discs herniates, the tissue in the center gets pushed out. This tissue is called the nucleus. While the disc does not really slip out of place, pressure on the disk can force out a fragment of the nucleus. As a result, the outer layer of the injured disk ruptures.

When Does it Become Painful?

If this fragment does not get in the way of your spinal nerves, you might feel little or no pain. But if it moves to the spinal canal where it presses against the nerves, it can lead to feelings of pain and numbness. If the disc is located in your lower back, you might also get weakness in your lower back, foot, or leg. If it is in your neck, it could have an impact on your hand, arm, or shoulder. The numbness and pain caused by herniated discs might make it difficult to hold or lift items and could cause you to stumble.

What Causes a Herniated Disc?

Often herniated discs are a part of the aging process due to disc degeneration. Over time, the discs lose water content, which makes them less flexible. As a result, they are more likely to get strained. It may not always be possible to determine the exact cause of herniated discs. For some, it can be caused by heavy lifting or a traumatic injury or blow.

Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

Tingling sensation or numbness:  People suffering from a herniated disc often experience numbness or tingling in the body part due to the affected nerves.

Leg or arm pain:  You’ll feel intense pain in your buttocks, calf, and thigh if your herniated disc in the lower back. If it’s in the neck, you’ll usually be most intense in the arm and shoulder.

Sometimes the condition doesn’t show any symptoms and you might have one. It typically shows up spinal images.

If you start to get pain in your neck or back that goes to your leg or arm, or if you have the weakness, numbness, or tingling, it is time to get immediate medical attention. Often surgery is not required and the doctor can find ways to relieve your discomfort.

Let Our Doctors at Interventional Pain Management Help You

If you are having back pain or difficulty performing routine tasks, it is time to get help from medical professionals who can give you the relief you need such as Interventional Pain Management. We offer affordable San Antonio pain treatment to ensure that you get the ideal procedure for your chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a serious condition that needs to be taken care of. A lot of people in the United States alone suffer from this condition and it doesn’t just affect the elderly. Such medical condition can make a person unable to do his or her activities at work, school or just about anywhere else. Let our doctors help you have a pain-free life.

Contact us to more about herniated discs and what you can do about them so you can return to doing the things you want.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with herniated disc in Stone Oak, San AntonioNew BraunfelsSouthwest BriggsNortheast SACorpus ChristiCarrolltonSeguin, Austin or anywhere in the state, don’t hesitate to come and visit.

What Our Patients are Saying

  • Julie Bailey

    Had a ruptured disc from a car accident this summer that I have been having issues with pain wise. Dr. Dar’s quick service for cortisone shots to help manage the pain has been a lifesaver! Highly recommend.

  • Cliff Fisher

    I am so appreciative of Dr. Dar and his staff. I can see how busy he is, but even so he still takes his time during my appointment to explain what he can do to help me with my lower back pain. Thank you Dr. Dar!

  • Trish Marcos

    Dr. Dar and his staff were very professional and genuinely cared about my comfort and pain management when I was suffering from awful back pain. I really appreciate what they did for me. I finally have my life back and am able to function because of them. Thank you so much Dr. Dar!

  • Art Cruz

    I was referred by Dr. Homero Rodriguez to come and see Dr. Urfan Dar. I used to be a U.S. paratrooper, and after I hurt myself my lower back pain was so terrible that I couldn’t sleep at night. Dr. Dar is so good that I’ve been coming to him since 2002 . Dr. Dar pays attention to me when I tell him where I am hurting, and then takes care of the pain. He’s the best.

  • Misty Wilson

    I struggled for years to find someone who could help me with my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome pain. P.A. Watson actually listened to me and has been working diligently to ease my pain ever since. I would highly recommend you go see him!!!

  • Lisa Ortiz

    Dr Bengali is wonderful! I had my first C-sp epidural injection, he said it could take up to five days to feel relief. I was having a pain of 7 walking and after I woke up my pain went dramatically down to a 2. I had instant relief. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy with his team and the results. Thanks Dr. Bengali!

  • Michael Philby

    I have always had a good experience with the doctors, PA’s, and staff in the office. Their caring attitude towards their patients stands out. Another doctor I go to recommended them to me, and I’m glad she did. I’ve had issues with previous pain management offices: lack of caring, feeling like just another patient, rude behavior, extremely long waiting periods to see the doctor, and issues getting prescriptions. I highly recommend Tri-City pain management for issues you may have with chronic pain.

  • Rudy Moncivaiz

    The whole staff is very nice & very friendly! They treat you really well and with respect, the atmosphere is great. Dr. Dar is great, thank you very much!

  • Jennifer Plotts

    I was initially referred to Dr.Tong and I have to say, I was nervous. Well Dr. Tong surprised me, he is the best! He his honest and caring. The girls in the front are friendly also. I will be telling everyone about him, and thank you for helping me.

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