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Back Pain

Back Pain San Antonio

san antonio back painCountless people in America experience ongoing back pain. While there are millions of documented cases, there are numerous others who do not seek help. They continue to suffer from back pain that keeps them from doing the things they want and need to do.

Failing to get medical assistance can turn back pain into a chronic health problem that gets in the way of your daily life. It is time to treat the pain rather than ignoring it, hoping it will go away. The only way to get rid of back pain is to get medical treatment.

Reasons for Back Pain San Antonio

There are many reasons why people experience persistent back pain. Heavy lifting, especially if it is done improperly can cause back pain. It can also become painful to be in one position all day, such as sitting at a desk. An accident might lead to back pain, as well as performing certain repetitive activities. Other diagnosed reasons for back pain include radiculopathy or sciatica, arthritis, spinal stenosis, as well as myofascial pain and ligament, soft tissue or tendon pain.

How Does Back Pain Feel?

There are various symptoms that indicate you could be suffering from chronic back pain. Some people experience soreness or tenderness in different parts of the body. Others might have inflammation or a pinched nerve that leads to a limited range of motion. When you receive treatment from a medical team, it is important to communicate all of your symptoms. This includes the exact location of the pain and how severe it is. This helps the doctors diagnose the problem and create an effective treatment plan just for you.

Getting Effective Results for Back Pain San Antonio

Invasive procedures such as surgery, medications and physical therapies should be the last resort for back pain treatment. Consult with a team of expert doctors and pain management specialists about your condition. They will assess your eating habits, lifestyle, and physical activities to find advanced and effective treatment procedures for pain relief and management. A range of healing techniques, massage, lumbar and thoractic procedures, cervical procedures, orthopedic rehabilitation, stimulators, and more are possibilities to relieve back pain and help you feel better.

Contact Interventional Pain Management today to learn more about the reasons for your back pain and how to get the relief you need to move forward with your life. A unique back pain management treatment plan will be developed just for you to help get rid of the discomfort you have felt for months or years.

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